The Villain In The Panama Hat

classic cartoon

FBI Guy In Green Suit and Sunglasses: V
This is a vase
That I'll put in this vat
Away from the villain in the panama hat

(he walks off stage, the villain arrives right afterwards)

Villain In The Panama Hat: I am the villain in the panama hat
And I'm after that vase
That's here in this vat

(evil laugh as he pulls the vase out of the vat)

I'll fill it with vinegar
And throw in some varnish
And top that all off with some violets for garnish

(evil laugh)

And now I will slip it
Here under my vest

(opens his vest to insert the vase and the FBI Guy pops out of his jacket)

FBI Guy: Oh, no you don't, villain!
You're under arrest!

(whips out handcuffs, the villain frowns and the FBI Guy smiles)


Transcribed by the archive's webmistress Tiny Dancer

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