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Da Twistas
A mob is out combing the desert for scrap, when a storm blows
down over the cliff sides of the skid. Horrible cyclones streak thru the canyon, bouncing off the sheer walls. The orks spot thier only shelter, a tall narrow rock spire which the twistas seem to be repulsed from. They hit the thrustas and rush for the cover, unaware that a rival mob is aproaching the samerock outcropping from the opposite side. But the cave in the rockface is only large enough to hold one of the two mobs...Terrain should be very sparse, mostly flat and empty, though possibly with a few cacti but no buildings. In the center of the tables should be a formation of the largest & tallest rocks you have for your table, placed with a gap at the formations center just big enough for all the vehicles of the larger mob. Deployment- The smaller mob picks the side it wants, and the other
deploys on the opposite table edge. Deploy all models & vehicles
within 6"of the table edge. Then each player places a 2" template (to represent the cyclones) on the table, at least 12" from models or vehicles, and 6" from the rocks.
Mobs-Both mobs bring all thier vehicles, and as many boyz as
they can fit on them. Excess models on foot are NOT allowed.
Special Rules

No Bottling-The orcs are too scared of the twisters to
make bottle tests. They may however voluntarily flee of the table
edge. They may then become lost, however.
Lost After the game, any mob whose models fled the table may
pick one table-edge as leading in the direction back to thier fort. Vehicles that left in that direction are not lost. Those which left off other edges, and all footers who fled are lost. Lost models can NOT dig for scrap in the mine, can NOT buy or equipment, lost slavers can NOT buy grots, lost spanners may only maintain the vehicle they fled on. Lost models are thrown around by the
storm and only
just barely return in time for your next game. However, the
adventures they have in returning home gain them an extra +1d6 XP's.
Da Twistas-At the start of the game each player puts one 2"
template on table. During each players turn, the cyclone they placed on the table moves. Movement is 12", in a random direction. Use the scatter dice.If this movement makes the cyclone go off the table, it moves on from any point of your choice in your next movement phase. If a cyclone strikes the rocks in the center of the table, it moves the rest of its 12" back in the direction it came from.
Models within the outcropping are therefore safe from the
cyclones. Da Twistas of course block line-of-sight.
Footers in Da Twista If a template passes over a footer, it lifts
them and carries them for the rest of its movement that turn, and
are then thrown 1d3" out of it in a random direction. This inflicts a
S:3 hit on a 4+. If the cyclone carries them off the table edge,
then they are considered lost.
Vehicles in Da Twista-If a template passes over a vehicle (or
viceversa) the vehicle is immediately moved to a random edge of the twista, where it hits down facing in a random direction. Roll a die. On a 6, the vehicle is damaged on a random part. Only roll 1d3 for the damage effect, though. Each model on board must roll thier S or less on 1d6 or be picked up by the wind and carried as a footer.
Winning-The goal is get your mob into the shelter at the center of
the table as soon as possible. If one mob no longer has models on the table, it loses. At the start of the 8th turn, if there isnt a winner yet, the storm intensifies and all models further than 6" from the rocks are removed from the table and count as lost Experience: In addition to the ussual Surviving:+1d6, Wounding:+5, Penetrating:+5, and Winning Nob:+10, these acts allso generate
experience points:
Shelter Finder: the first ork into the shelter (whether footeror driver) gains +5 XP's. Storming: Each turn in which a vehicle passes thru a cyclone, as long as the driver is not thrown out like a footer, they gain +1 XP.
Finding the way home: As stated above, lost models eventually
make thier way home, and such adventures are worth +1d6 XPs more,exactly like the serious injury result "66:Surviving against the Odds".
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