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Squigs are an extremely common site around Ork camps, they are the first Orkoid to appear and tend to act as a food supply for the larger species. This does not affect the fact that Squigs can be very useful, herd squigs are used to round up grots, face eater squigs are trained as pets and buzzer squigs, well the less talked about these the better. Various squigs are sometimes taken into battle by slavers and used against opposing mobs.

For every slaver in your gang you may include a herd of up to three squigs for 2 teef each. Squigs tend to work best amongst their own kind, so each squig herd must be made up of squigs of the same kind. Squigs cannot be injured, nor can they advance. They are assumed to be replaced after each game at no cost, the two teef is for training the Slaver, should the Slaver die or leave the mob then the Squigs are also lost. All squigs are imune to leadership tests, but should they begin a turn more than 12" from its Slaver then it must roll on the loose squig table:

D6 Loose Squig table

1The squig spots a hole and disapears down it for the rest of the game.

2-5The squig gets bored and does nothing.

6the sqig heads for the nearest Ork at full speed and will engage it in hand to hand combat if it can.

Buzzer Squigs

Buzzer squigs are small insectoid squigs which fly around in swarms, generally acting very hungry and angry. Slavers capture them (well get Grots to capture them, cos Slavers ave more sense) by finding a nest and encasing it in a metal pot. The exact tecniques used are kept a well guarded secret and Slavers are very proud of the reletively few grots stung to death in the capture. These buzzer pots are then thrown like stikbombs and crack open releasing there contents. The squigs then move 2D6" per turn however if you roll a double the swarm will disapate and is removed. If a buzzer squig base, ends its turn within 4" of an Ork it has latch on to that Ork, if there is more than one Ork within 4" choose the nearest.
The buzzer squig base will then follow that Ork engaging it in hand to hand combat until it ends its turn more than 4" away from it. As buzzer squigs fly they can move over terain with no move penalty, and fly up walls at a cost of 1" move per 1" up. No armour save is allowed against buzzer squigs.
profile M WS BS S T W I A Ld
buzzer 2D6 2 0 2 2 2 4 2 -

Face-Eater Squigs

Face eater squigs are real nasty critters who tend to bite a lot, however they are very loyal and can be put under the control of a slaver. A face-eater squig can be controlled as normal however they can go into a state of waiting, using their camofague to hide and pounce on any unsuspecting Ork that walks by. Replace the face eater squig with a face eater counter, which may move up to 4" per turn without coming out of waiting. Any Ork coming within 4" of the counter may imidiately be charged, the opposing player must specify that he is avoiding the counter before he moves if he so wishes, as a rule of thumb, if he places an Ork and lets go of it before specifying its route, it is asumed to go the shortest way. On the flipside if the opponent begins to move another model or begins the next phase before you declare the squig is charging, the face eater squig is assumed to have fallen asleep and missed its chance.
You may be thinking that that is a bit crap really because your opponent knows where your squigs are but there are many things in a desert that resemble hiding squigs so you may place 1 fake waiting squig counter for every 2 square feet of table, these may be placed anywhere, and may move 4" per turn.
profile M WS BS S T W I A Ld
face eater 4 2 0 3 2 1 3 1 -

Herd Squigs
Herd squigs are used to round up stray Grots and Snots by Slavers. These skills come in very handy when fighting other mobs, particularly Gretchin Revolutionaries.
Herd squigs are treated as normal, however, they do have one very useful ability, that is the art of scaring the pants off Grots, Snots and even Orks. If a herd squig stops its move within 4" of an Ork Grot or Snot it may force it to move 1" imediately in whatever direction you like. Orks are rather unimpressed with this mostly and so only have to move if they first fail a Ld test. Please note, however, that you only take one Ld test no matter how many squigs are herding you. profile M WS BS S T W I A Ld herd 4 1 0 3 2 1 4 2 -

To use these hidden squig counters simply right click them and save. You may then print out as many as you require and then stick them to some card and use them in your games.

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