New GreenHouse 1999

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Where it is going to be!
In place of this shed.

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Tearing It Down

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It's GONE!

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The foundation is in.

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it's going up.....

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and up.............

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It's up...............

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Moving In!!

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Potting Bench


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Propagation Area

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The Furnace

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Power Center

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One of my Favorites


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Morning Glory

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4 July 2000

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Hosta Bed


I have had questions!

Yes I built it myself. Some good points and some bad  :-).
I used aluminum storm windows around the walls, good idea. The ability to
open all those windows during the summer and all screened is great.
I used wood storm windows on the top, bad idea. I have not had any problem
with them yet other than paint not staying on. But the potential for hail
damage is my main concern. I would use flat fiberglass (roll) or twinwall on
the roof next time. and automatic roof (ridge) vent(s). I added a mist
system to my exhaust fan to cool it down faster in the summer as I did not
use any shade cloth. They both turn on with the same thermostat. I am
working on a multistage thermostat now.
I used almost all pressure treated lumber and painted it ( I don't know if I
would paint it again but it is holding up well).
I Just put is a washed stone floor that I like! (oct. 2000).
As far as cost I have about $2000 in it. That was with all used windows, and
I had the furnace and fans. The biggest single expense was having it all
painted, as I did not have the time.
Would I build it myself again? you bet I think it is much stronger than any
you would buy for the cost.
Hope this helps,