A Warning for Sacred Name Believers and Others Counting the Cost of Discipleship

Did you know that in 1997 the United States' government budget for fighting domestic terrorism (that is, terrorism on American soil) TRIPLED? Yes, now that the Soviet "threat" has either been neutralized or has proven victorious (we wouldn't know it until it was too late), cold war government agencies like the C.I.A.(Central Intelligence Agency) have had to justify their existence by creating a new enemy: the at-home, religious, anti-government, gun-fanatic. After incidents like Ruby Ridge, the Branch Davidian Compound at Waco in Texas, and the Oklahoma City Bombing (supposedly executed single-handedly by Timothy McVeigh, an alleged anti-government fanatic who had connections with Elohim City), fundamentalist believers who ACTUALLY believe what they read in the Bible are considered "Public Enemy #1".

Make no mistakes! The Sacred Name Movement is where the rubber meets the road. This is the front line in a very real campaign of information warfare! Even if most Sacred Name Believers are NOT gun-fanatics, preferring rather to be peaceable people, it serves the agenda of self-perpetuating institutions like the C.I.A. and the F.B.I. to turn us into the big, bad monsters they influence the media to portray us as. The media is always eager for a story, and your local disciple might just be right for the part.

The tripling of the government budget was for the increase of government agent "cells", groups of agents and government collaborators (whether conscious of their participation or not) who are multi-talented and can covertly infiltrate a social movement and gain the confidence of the true believers. These cells can take the form of congregations, clubs and ministries, and will offer the "truth" (true or not) to those sincere disciples and enthusiasts who are seeking it. Cells can consist of psychologists, legal experts, policemen, survivalists, assassins, militia members, theologians, and Don Juan's and Mata Hari's, though they are by no means limited to these types.

Areas in which a "wise as [a] serpent" believer must be cautious:

1) Indiscrimately giving out your name, address, and telephone number to fellow "believers", organizations, or ministries. You may shortly thereafter discover that new people are entering your life and keeping tabs on you, if not trying to influence your belief system and your conduct outright.

2) Sudden opportunities to join a ministry employing your talents. They can, like Satan, make grandiose promises to fulfill your dreams and only wind up using you and abandoning you when you have served their purposes.

3) Unusual inquisitiveness from unbelieving family members and friends who formerly seemed apathetic.

4) Once the government gets wind of your zeal, you can expect to be watched. A psychological profile can be drawn up, and attempts will be made to psychogically influence you, whether to make you an unwitting ally, an angry foe, or a babbling victim of psychological harrassment

5) Any religion having ANY significant influence on the populace is on their knees to Ba'al; otherwise, they would no longer exist. We Sacred Name Believers are still in captivity. This is the patience of the saints. (Rev.)

6) Budding religious movements are soon infiltrated and gifted individuals are employed to do what the religious do BETTER than they do. After all, they are getting PAID to do it, while the true believers have to do things like WORK to feed themselves instead of studying the Bible all day long.

7) Expressing your beliefs in papers turned in to teachers at a state-accredited school, college, or university. WHO do you think has access to those papers, anyway? Don't cast your pearls before swine and don't give what is set-apart to dogs.

8) The agents will assign at least one person to love you. Everybody wants to be loved, and it's far easier to love you when that person is getting paid to do it. The agents will probably demonstrate their love for you even better than the true believers who have been offended countless times by Federal boys and girls.

Now, if you feel that this has helped you to count the cost of applying the Biblical principles and truths that the Sacred Name Movement has offered you and that you are ready to stand with a people who experience the persecution of the Satan's governments daily, then we welcome you. You will need to be strong. You will need to be as cunning, wise, and cautious as a serpent. You will need to be harmless as a dove.

If you trust that YHWH can empower you to deliver the truth to His People and to combat the falsehoods introduced by Satan's government, then buckle up. You probably don't yet know the ride that you are in for. This world system, as you know it, is an illusion.

Contend Well for the Faith
And You, Too, Will Soon See...

And when it happens to you, I, for one, will believe you...

--Shalom Aleichem,
UzziYaHU BenAddi(formerly known as "BrClif")

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