Basic HTML
The first tag on you web page will be the HTML tag. The start and end HTML tag encapsulate the entire document. The top of the document will have and the end will have . The next tag in the document is the Head tag. The head of the document is encapsulated with the head tag. The beginning of the head will have and the end will have . Next is the Title tag. This can be the title of your web page, this is what the browser looks at when downloading the page. The title of a page will show up at the top of your browser window. The beginning of the title will have The next thing is Meta tags. This is what helps identify your web page by using keywords and that various search engines use to identify your page. There are no beginning and end tags for the meta tag. I will show an example below. The final tag is the Body tag. The body of the web page is encapsulated within the body tag. The beginning of the body will have and the end will have . Here is an example of what the above explanations will look: Contents of web page. Ok, now that is out of the way lets get down to business. All the tags from here on out are used between the & tags, if they are used differently I'll let you know.

*More comming Soon*