AJ Support
 As some of you may know, As of July 9th 2001, it was announced that AJ McLean would enter a 30 day  Rehabilitation Program for Depression, Anxiety, and excessive consumption of Alcohol. The boys announced  on  TRL that When the group decided to take a short brake after Group member Nick Carter broke his hand, that AJ told them he had a problem and needed and wanted help, Afterwards he was admitted to a rehabilitation Center. Tons of Support and Love goes out to AJ from the Millions and Millions of Backstreet Fans. The following is a list of  Support groups, and projects people are doing in support of AJ.
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A Quilt of Love-Fellow BSB fans:
We, like all BSB fans, are really concerned about AJ. We want to show our support for AJ by making something positive out of it all. So we are asking all BSB fans to dedicate a little time and take a 12" by 12" square of fabric and put a personal message or design to AJ on it, and send it to us, which we will make a quilt out of. None of you will have to do the sewing, we will take care of that. This quilt will be given to AJ at one of our upcoming concerts in September. By then, hopefully AJ will be better. =) We want to let AJ know that we are behind him 100% and that we love him and care about him. We want to make this huge, so tell every BSB fan you know!! We want BSB fans worldwide to band together and show our love for AJ. We're calling this project "A Quilt of Love for AJ". If you want to get involved, you can email us at LOVE4BSB247@aol.com, LilChic85@aol.com or BSBLuvr224@aol.com. We will give you addresses to send your patch to. Thank you and remember to keep AJ in all of your prayers!!
Love and Backstreet,
Jacqueline, Diana, and Stephanie
aka SpanishEyes4BSB, Broksgirl33 and Briansgirl46 (Spa, Bro and Bri) on the BSB Fan Club Chat