Site Review
-This is a review from destiny review. im SATSIFIED with the review, but there were some thing they didnt like that were set up to be avioded lol but its cool. I still got a good "grade"=)

01. first impression - 7/10
02. splash - 3/5
03. layout - 10/15
04. neatness/organization - 10/10
05. content - 15/15
06. navigation - 5/5
07. originality - 8/10
08. overall - 8/10
09. errors - 9/10
10. load - 5/5
11. gbook - 4/ 5
12. extra - 2/2

total + extra = 86 points out of 100

cali -
I loved that you have a waves, denise, jnn, pictures and tattoos sections the most!
There were a couple errors in:pass it on & appearances.
I really liked that you had a Denise McLean section! Hardly anyone does that, it would be great if you can add more!
Not that I didn't like your layout, but I love frames! I don't enjoy clicking the back button. And b/c the text is italicized and just and different colors it makes thing hard to read.
I also liked your slash page pic!

susie -
Nice website, interesting a lot of facts and info. although one thing i didn't like was that i had a hard time reading the text b/c of the background and font colors. But other than that, very good.
Another thing that bothered me was that i had to keep clicking back to see the other parts of the website.