Name: Victoria "Toy"
Age: 19
Sign: Taurus
From: Kansas City, Missouri USA
*No Its not country and We dont ride around on horses*
Favorite BSB: Alexander James. (as you can tell)
College: UMKC, Wanna transfer to Florida state .
E-mail Addy: Toy8164@aol.com, L0ves2try@aol.com
AOL Screen Name: Toy8164, L0ves2try, AJsDragon2, AJsToyPanda,
Toy816, Toy8162, Toy8163. (Dont ask lol)
Hobbies: Acting, Dancing , Swimming, boxing, computers, and driving fast
Likes: Anything different, Except when it comes to food. That's
when I become All American.*lol*
Dislikes: Liars, People Who cant look you in the eye when they talk to you,
People who think they better me by not telling me the truth.
Favorite musicians: Nelly, Limp biskit, Lifehouse, Alicia Keys, Splender, Tonic, Selena,
Brian McKnight, Pink, Fugees, Incubus, Fuel and a Lot More.
Favorite Food: McDonald's
Favorite Drink: Fruit Drinks
Favorite brand of clothes:AEROPOSTAL
Reason For creating this Website: I started one like 4 yrs ago, but it looked like crap
and i was just learning how to use computers. Eventually i learned how
to do all this stuff on computers by experimenting, basically I taught
myself how to use HTML codes,and all this other stuff, so I decided to
use my knowledge to make a web site about something I love.
Shout-outs: Petress, Isabel-miss talking to ya girl!, El, Stephie, Rae Rae*lol*,
Virg-Where ya been?,
And of course my baby =0) Eric!