This is where i have poetry for the boys
submitted by fans. Please be respectful
when reading these poems. these
are peoples personal feelings,
so please be considerate.
if you have any poems
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I've never been a fan of BSB. I'm 21 years old....they might have been a...thing...for me had I been many years younger. I just heard about AJ and his problems and can relate only too much. I have a tremendous respect for him and what he has to deal with...before this happened as well as after. He reminds me much of myself. So, I just had this to say...

Not For Today

No sympathy will play in my head
For what I lost today
It will be gone still tomorrow
So I say..
I won't deal with it today
Every drama forbidden to me
Will happen despite what I can see
I'm just hoping for a moment
So I say..
I won't deal with it today
Everyone can walk away
Far from me they'll all want to stay
Someday, I think, everyone will stray
So I say..
I won't deal with it today
I've made mistakes more than a time or two
All of my life I cursed them
but tomorrow is only for beginning again
So I say..
I won't deal with it today

A Million Helping Hands

If you need a helping hand, there's a million for you
Fans all over the world, wathing you pull through
We know you can do it, we're behind you all the way
Hoping and wishing for a brighter day
AJ you can do this, we all know you can
Between depression and you, you're the stronger man
Just remember those helping hands
Ready to help so you'll be back with your band
AJ we're gonna help you win this war
So you'll be better and won't hurt anymore
From all the fans around the world and in the universe too
Just remember AJ, we all love you

Valerie Hbson
I stand
Alone knowing that I am just a face
Among many others.
I Stand
Alone wondering what I can do
To turn a head,
Catch just one eye...
I Stare
Fixated on the figures before me
Amazed at the fact that
I know everything about them,
But about me, they know nothing.
Nothing, that is
Except the fact that I Stand with all the other blurred faces
Hoping, wishing, praying
That for some reason, I not only stand
I stand out
I stand
Poetry from AJ-Badboy McLean
Thoughts of you help me sleep
Thoughts of you get me through
When I fall into my sorrow
The voice of hope belongs to you
As I lye awake
And think of what could be
You continue on as usual
Unaffected by me
Foolish hope and careless love
Are all part of the storm
It all follows me
As I wait for your love to form
How do you resemble
The character you play
It's he who makes me love him
Who makes me feel this way
My thoughts of you are with me now
But you don't seem to see
You only continue on
Unaffected by me
Thoughts of you greet me
As a new day begins brand new
Thoughts of you remain
As the day winds through
When will it be my turn
When will my day come
I wish for your time
I long to receive some
I thought one day
You might be mine
But that wish was killed
By the hands of time
As reality sets in
And you grow farther away
My love doesn't falter
In any way
So as you live and love
Always be true
Remember me
And my thoughts of you
With all my love,
Katy Willoughby

I sit here dreaming of you
wanting to hold you
Wanting you to know the love my heart feels is true
Unrequited love
Is there anything worse?
engulfs your heart with sadness
The worst possible curse
You and you alone
hold the key to my heart
The ability to cherish it
or rip it apart
But your love is for another,
someone I could never be
and how it hurts me so that you could never love me
So i'll keep my dreams of you alive
My heart just can't let go
The love that I so feel for you
you shall never know