July 9, 2001
As of July 9th 2001, it was announced that AJ McLean would enter a 30 day  Rehabilitation Program for Depression, Anxiety, and excessive consumption of Alcohol. The boys announced  on  TRL that When the group decided to take a short brake after Group member Nick Carter broke his hand, that AJ told them he had a problem and needed and wanted help, Afterwards he was admitted to a rehabilitation Center. Tons of Support and Love goes out to AJ from the Millions and Millions of Backstreet Fans. The Best of luck
A.J. McLean's Mom Says Her Son Feeling Safe, Relieved
Date: July 11, 2001
Source: MTV
Submitted by: Gina Cates
Three days after A.J. McLean entered a rehabilitation program, the Backstreet Boy is feeling optimistic and safe, according to his mother. "He's very, very positive," Denise McLean said Wednesday from Orlando, Florida. "The first thing I heard in his voice was relief. He felt he was safe and getting what he needed." McLean, who's spoken with her son since he left for an unspecified rehabilitation center on Sunday, said that A.J. has already begun to make progress in battling the depression and anxiety that led him to abuse alcohol. McLean added that both she and A.J. were grateful to the many fans who've expressed support since the singer's fellow Backstreet Boys made his struggles public on Monday . "I just think [that with] this compassion and this outflow of love that people are giving, how can he not get better? It's strength for all of us," she said. She plans to visit A.J. in rehab this weekend, and hopes to bring him letters from fans, including those sent to this Web site's "You Tell Us" page, she said. A.J. has already begun talking about how he could use his problems to help "others kids and adults who are going through the same thing," his mother said. Meanwhile, the Backstreet Boys' sometime-rivals 'NSYNC expressed support for A.J. on Wednesday through their manager, Johnny Wright, who once managed the Backstreet Boys as well. "Although I no longer have a professional relationship with A.J., my personal relationship still remains very strong," Wright said in a statement. "I consider A.J. part of my family and I am very proud of A.J. for recognizing he needs help. Not only myself, but all five members of 'NSYNC send our thoughts and prayers." Fans can write to A.J. McLean at the following address, according to his mother: A.J. McLean/Johnny No Name
P.O. Box 691809 Orlando,
Florida 32869