Neptune = 100
Saturn = 101
Uranus = 110
Mars = 112
Pluto = 120
Sun = 122
Jupiter = 212
Moon = 231
Mercury = 310
Venus = 311

Node = non-Transcendental (420)

     China: The establishment of the Communist Peoples' Republic

Primary Transcendental Neptune; Secondary Saturn, Tertiary Transcendental Uranus.

Sep 21, 1949
12.00.00 PM CCT (-08)
116E25'00"; 39N55'00"
Asc: 8Sa24; Mc: 25Vi46

Source: "The major horoscope for contemporary China must be that for the establishment of the Communists Peoples' Republic in 1949, but no time has been recorded for this event. The foundation of the Peoples' Republic of China was proclaimed at the opening session of the ... (CPPCC) ... [The chart] is cast for Peking on 21 September 1949, and in the absence of accurate information is set for 12.00 noon."
Campion, "The Book of World Horoscopes," p. 117.

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