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Horoscope of EEC




Saturn = 020
Sun = 120
Jupiter = 122
Mercury = 132
Mars = 200
Pluto = 201
Venus = 202
Neptune = 221
Uranus = 320
Moon = 410

Node = Transcendental Node (410)

European Union: Formal existence

Primary Transcendental Saturn, Secondary Sun, Tertiary Transcendental Jupiter.

Jan 1, 1958
00.00.00. AM CET (-01)
4E20'00"; 50N50'00"
Asc: 29Vi36; Mc: 29Ge29

Source: "The EEC came into existence at 00.00 hrs on 1 January 1958. " Chart calculated "for the administrative capital, Brussels." Campion, "The Book of World Horoscopes," p. 478.


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