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Horoscope of France:

The Fifth Republic




Saturn = 030
Uranus = 031
Mercury = 100
Sun = 110
Moon = 211
Venus = 211
Jupiter = 211
Mars = 221
Pluto = 300
Neptune = 320

Node = non-Transcendental (201)

France: The Fifth Republic

Primary Transcendental Saturn, Secondary Uranus, Tertiary Transcendental Mercury.

Oct 5, 1958
12.00.00 AM CET (-01)
02E20'00"; 48N52'00"
Asc: 24Cn50; Mc: 0Ai30

Source: "The Fifth Republic came into existence with the publication of the new Constitution in the Journal Officiel on 5 October 1958, in Paris. It is understood that the legislation creating the Republic came into effect at 00.00 hrs..." Campion, "The Book of World Horoscopes," p.167.

Additional information: "France is a parliamentary democracy with a strong national government. Its present government, called the Fifth Republic, has been in effect since 1958. The First Republic was established in 1792. Between 1792 and 1958, the structure of the French government changed many times." The World Book Encyclopedia, CD-Rom edition, 1997.

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