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Saturn = 101
Venus = 201
Mars = 201
Moon = 301
Pluto = 301
Mercury = 401
Jupiter = 401
Sun = 501
Uranus = 501
Neptune = 501

Node = Transcendental node (100)

Greece: Independence day

Primary Transcendental Saturn; equally-underaspected Secondary Transcendental Venus and Mars.

March 25, 1821
12.00.00 PM LMT (+00)
Kalavryta, Greece
22E06'00"; 38N01'00"
Asc: 19Cn25; Mc2Ai47

Source: "The revolt against the Turks began in 1821 ... on 25 March 1821 Germanos, the Metropolitan of Old Patras, raised the banner of revolt at his monastery ... 25 March is accepted as the symbolic date of the revolt ... [The chart] is cast for 12.00 noon ... Campion
, "Book of World Horoscopes," p. 186.

Additional information: "The Greek War of Independence began in 1821. Greek fighters swept down from the mountains and defeated the Ottomans in the Peloponnesus, in Rumely in central Greece, and on many islands in the Aegean Sea. The Greeks held out against repeated Ottoman attacks. In 1825, Egyptian forces allied with the Ottoman Empire invaded the Peloponnesus, and an Ottoman army moved into Greece from the north. Together, they overran the regions that had been freed by the Greeks. But the Ottomans and Egyptians could not defeat the Greeks nor end the revolution."
The World Book Encyclopedia, CD-Rom edition, 1997.

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