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Horoscope of North Korea




Jupiter = 021
Saturn = 021
Pluto = 120
Mercury = 121
Neptune = 121
Sun = 141
Venus = 210
Moon = 212
Uranus = 300
Mars = 301

Node = non-Transcendental (310)

North Korea: The creation of North Korea, 1945

Primary Transcendental Jupiter, Secondary Transcendental Saturn, Tertiary Transcendental Pluto.

Aug 10, 1945
00.00.00 AM EDT (+04)
Washington, D.C.
77W02'00"; 38N54'00
Asc: 18Ta13; Mc: 29Cp06

The Library of Congress Country Studies (on-line); see below, "At a midnight meeting...," etc.

Additional information: "The United States took the initiative in big power deliberations on Korea during World War II, suggesting a multilateral trusteeship for postwar Korea to the British in March 1943, and to the Soviet leaders at the end of the same year. President Franklin D. Roosevelt, concerned about the disposition of enemy-held colonial territories and aware of colonial demands for independence, sought a gradualist, tutelary policy of preparing former colonials--such as the Koreans--for self-government and independence. At the Cairo Conference in December 1943, the Allies, under United States urging, declared that after Japan was defeated Korea would become independent "in due course," a phrase consistent with Roosevelt's ideas. At about the same time, planners in the United States Department of State reversed the traditional United States policy of noninvolvement in Korea by defining the security of the peninsula as important to the security of the postwar Pacific, which was, in turn, very important to American security.

"At a midnight meeting in Washington on August 10 and 11, 1945, War Department officials, including John J. McCloy and Dean Rusk, decided to make the thirty-eighth parallel the dividing line between the Soviet and United States zones in Korea. Neither the Soviet forces nor the Koreans were consulted. As a result, when 25,000 American soldiers occupied southern Korea in early September 1945, they found themselves up against a strong Korean impulse for independence and for thorough reform of colonial legacies. By and large, Koreans wished to solve their problems themselves and resented any inference that they were not ready for self-government." The Library of Congress Country Studies (on-line), "North Korea: THE NATIONAL DIVISION AND THE ORIGINS OF THE DPRK."


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