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Horoscope of Vietnam




Jupiter = 101
Saturn = 110
Moon = 120
Venus = 121
Mercury = 210
Mars = 212
Uranus = 221
Pluto = 231
Neptune = 411
Sun = 412

Node = non-Transcendental (210)

Vietnam: 1954 North Vietnam chart

Primary Transcendental Jupiter, Secondary Saturn, Tertiary Transcendental Moon.

Jul 21, 1954
2.45.00 GMT (+00)
105E51'00"; 21N02'00"
Asc: 25Vi44; Mc: 25Ge49

Source: "The result of ... [the French] defeat was the creation of the two separate states [of North and South Vietnam] ... These two states were effectively created by the Geneva Accord ...," Campion, "The Book of World Horoscopes," p. 434. See also Noel Tyl,
"Getting to Node You," Part Two: "The Effect Between Nations."

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