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Horoscope of Russia




Mars = 002
Pluto = 021
Saturn = 122
Venus = 141
Mercury = 230
Sun = 240
Uranus = 310
Moon = 330
Neptune = 330
Jupiter = 501

Node = non-Transcendental (401)

Russia: Russian Independence, 1991

Primary Transcendental Mars, Secondary Pluto, Tertiary Transcendental Saturn.

Dec 8, 1991
7.45.00 PM (-03)
37E35'00"; 55N45'00"
Asc: 4Le13; Mc: 6Ai17

Source: "Boris Yeltsin's public announcement of the Minsk Declaration at about 7.45 pm Moscow Time (5:45 pm GMT) represents the public proclamation of Russian independence. Chart 278 is set therefore for 7.45 pm Moscow Time, 8 December 1991, and is relocated to Moscow, the Russian Capital. Russian astrologers use a chart for the signing of the agreement at 14:17 EET [...] In this instance, however, the horoscope for the public proclamation seems to be the more powerful political moment. The Russian parliament then formally ratified the Minsk declaration at 13.22.40, 12 December 1991." Campion, "The Book of World Horoscopes," p. 316.


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