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 T r i b e
B a d i r

What we know as "bellydance" today began centuries ago as a spiritual ritual dance that was performed by women in the ancient temples of India. From there, the dance traveled with the Gypsy Caravans throughout Egypt into Algeria, Morocco, Turkey, Greece, and Spain. The influences of the various countries melded itself within the traditional dances of the regions.  

The women of the tribes passed on the traditional dances of the Middle East from generation to generation. They danced with each other, and for each other in intimate gatherings of women.

Their dances and chants told stories of daily life and some say it also was an instrument to teach the younger women of the tribe about the sensual nature of the feminine and in preparation for child birth.  Whatever the reason, we are thankful that the dance form still exists today.

Our hearts go out to the people whose way of life is being destroyed by greed, industry, and so-called "progress". We are saddened to witness the decay  of  nomadic cultures and seeing generations upon generations of practices, music, dance, and traditions dying out.

Our thoughts and prayers to the families who are fighting this very moment for their land, culture and way of life.

In our sincere desire to respect and honor the generations of women who have danced in the past, we perform a style of tribal dance that embraces the same energy and joy. We are Tribe Badir.

 M e e t   t h e   T r i b e

M i r a n d a
Miranda took Polynesian dance as a young girl. Learning the Hawaiian, Tahitian, and Samoan dances gave her a deep-rooted respect and love of Traditional or (what the islanders called) "old-style" dance.

After training in Cabaret, she got her first taste of Folkloric style belly dance through the fabulous dance troupe Hahbi'Ru in the late eighties. At that moment she found her true calling and cast her sequins to the wind to embrace the tribal and folkloric style. She is creative director of Tribe Badir, Tribe Ankh, The Coyotes (Street Dance)  and teaches classes in San Jose CA.

Miranda dedicates her dance to the people of Tibet who are fighting to save their culture and their lives and to send strength and love to the second Panchen Lama who lives imprisoned somewhere in communist China.  


Joanne is our resident Aussie. She studied Indonesian dance while growing up. She's always bringing something to the group whether its some sumptuous morsel she "just whipped up", or a mind boggling book with stunning pictures.
She's totally into artistic creations with her biggest project being her motor scooter "Art Bike" that is in the process of constant creation. It boasts genuine Pleather, purple fur, beads, and a bevy of other found treasures.  Her next project is turning her truck into an art car... we'll post pictures soon!

Six years ago, Farah took a trip to Morocco and was mesmerized by the traditional Berber dances performed by the local women. Since that time, she has studied Middle Eastern dance with a variety of teachers in the Bay Area.

Exotic travel is an enduring passion and have taken her to India, Bali, Fiji, Thailand, Caribbean, Singapore, Spain, Morocco, Portugal, Italy, Mexico and Japan. This fall, Farah and her husband are planning a trip to South Africa, Botswana and Zimbabwe. Her lifelong dream is to join the exclusive Century Club: people who have traveled in more than 100 countries.

When not dancing or traveling, Farah enjoys world music, poetry, philosophy, theater, art, baking (anything with chocolate) and yoga.

"We should consider every day lost in which we do not dance at least once." --Friedrich Nietzsch

Our newest member is Stephanie...

L i s a

Lisa is taking a sabatical from the troupe in order to persue her art. She is a talented glass artist that produces stunning glass wearable pieces. Check out her latest work here:

Justine is now a Mom!

Our beloved friend has just become a mom and with that change also comes her move to San Diego. We wish them all the best, with good thoughts and energy for a very happy life.
Our thoughts and hearts go with you. We'll miss you Justine, it's been great having you in the troupe. Be well, be happy.