Friends we love &
Dance Troupes we admire

Awalim Dance Co Atlanta, GA (Hey Zi'ah!)
Baraka Mundi Asheville, NC Amazing unique Tribal!
FatChanceBellydance: San Francisco, CA
Guilded Serpent Lynette's fabulous web-zine, a must read!
Gypsy Caravan- Oregon. Paulette and Co. FAB!
Hahbi'Ru San Francisco, CA  Our favorite folkloric  
Kajira D's Sonoma County CA. Talented artist and great person. She and Ellen Cruz put on the best event called Tribal Fest II its May 18-19 and is one of our favorites!
Khafif Middle Eastern Music & Dance Troupe, Pittsburgh, PA. Hey guys!
Lotus Tribal Bellydance- Millbrae, CA (rock on Girls! We love your stuff)
Rachel Brice- San Francisco. ooooooooo Rachel is our FAVORITE!
Romani Oakland, CA   A visual delight.
Shira Julie's treasure trove of chock full belly dance jewels-of-information
Tribal Feat, Arroyo Grande, CA (great performance @ Tribal Fest!)
Ultra Gypsy San Francisco, CA  (Hey Jill, maybe someday I'll get a picture with you too! :)
Urban Tribal Bellydance San Diego, CA . HOT troupe! Nice web site!
Zafira World Fusion Bellydance Pittsburgh, PA Awesome troupe & great friends! Check them out when/where you can, they are FANTASTIC!

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S o n i c  A n g e l s
(Musicians & Bands we groove on)

3 Spell San Francisco, CA  Awesome music, check it out!
Armando "Uncle Mafufo" of Sirocco; Instructional ME percussion.
Ellen Cruz - Sebastopol, CA.
Delirium - We looooove their music! "Poem" rocks!
Domba! - out of AZ, fun folks!
Helm (I wish they had a webpage.You can buy on FCBD's site)
Gypsy Caravan- out of OR. Excellent music to perform by! Love Awakenings.
Kinetik Trance 3 Spell's Tobias Roberson and Eliot Bates do it again. Must-have music is only available here.
Miq Productions Music central for hip electronic grooves.
Omar Faruk Tekbelik -freaking great music! Awesome talent!
Sazlar all girl band out of New Mexico
Tobias Roberson One of the Bay Area's best musicians.
The Toids Crazy, fun, witty.. and it's Balkan music!
Turku - Eurasian Folk Group, good friends and fellow scadians.
Vas - Yummy... Dark & Dramatic mood music

C a u s e s  w e  b e l i e v e  i n

Tibetan Government in Exile: This site is maintained and updated by The Office of Tibet, the official agency of His Holiness the Dalai Lama in London.  
Camp Sunburst: A place for children living with HIV and their parents to enjoy the companionship of others without the social stigma and isolation associated with the AIDS epidemic.
The Afghan Women's Mission read up on how you can help.

F e e d  y o u r  S o u l
Daily Dharma A daily dose of Dharma to shatter the ball of doubt.
Gary Zurkov A feast for your soul.
Oprah cause we think that she's da-bomb!
Simple Abundance Sarah Ban Breathnath's wonderful site
     Gratitude Journal A great place to start your online gratitude journal!
     Daily Quote Go here for your daily dose.
Juicy Living A wonderful whimsical book of wisdom
Guedra (Trance dance from the Berber tradition) written by Morocco
Techno Cosmic Mass cause sometimes you just gotta let go
Catherine Cartwright Jones' Henna website

D e s t i n a t i o n s  for the
U r b a n N o m a d
(Festivals &Travel)

Burning Man, Black Desert, Nevada- A huge alternative gathering in August
CosmikCasbah, a hip event in Oakland, CA- Don't miss it!
Desert Dance Festival, San Jose CA- A weekend dance festival in September
Rakassah, East & West Coast- The largest festival in the U.S.
Morocco & Spain Tours:We've never been, but want to go!
Pennsic War, Slippery Rock PA - A two week Medieval Festival in August
Watercourse Way a great place to relax. Make reservations if you visit the bay area.

T h e  V i r t u a l  S o u k  
(Sources for many things)

Middle Eastern Belly dance Page All sorts of stuff in here
Stephen Jacobson Photography - Great photographer, neat guy, good friend - Bellydance sources, chat lines, shopping
Khoob Surat - Indian Women's beauty site chock full of home remedies.
Persian Boots by Bohemand - Ever want handmade Mongolian boots?  
Turtle Island Moccasins - Fabulous handmade boots
Carolina Morning Designs - Meditation cushions for a softer world
SCA Merchant Page - great source for recreationists of the Medieval period.

A  G r e a t M a n y  o t h e r  t h i n g s

Online Arabic translator click on the keyboard picture, it will show you which keys correspond to which Arabic letters, and you can just click on the letter you want; and it will actually convert the letter shapes into the correct one (initial, medial, or finial) automatically!
Sudairy Arabic Recipes, Names, news, & more
Sinai - The Bedouin Way - great site on Bedouin culture, tents, lives
Ottoman Trader's Guild - reinactors doing the Ottoman Empire, very cool
Tom's Art project - freakin' great artist (and all-around good guy)
Lisa's Art Glass - Our resident "glasshead"s website (Yay Lisa!)
Art Cars in Cyberspace -  cause hey, we ALL want one of these babies!
Jezabeltw - an artist, writer, and dancer...
Gene Fenton's Creatures - An artist that works magic in paper mache'.
Future of Traditions Center for Folkloric Arts: Run by Onca and her husband Draven.Onca is also creator of "The World Spirit Tarot".

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