Student Nights
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Tribe Ankh is comprised of committed students learning to dance as a group.

This allows members of Tribe Ankh the opportunity to experience dance within a group dynamic as well as learn choreography.  Tribe Ankh is not a performing dance troupe, but provides structure where students can prepare and practice within a supportive atmosphere and hone dancing skills in preparation for student night performances and other student exhibitions.

The structure of Tribe Ankh is a bit unusual, it is an open group, where referred students* can join.

 *"Students" are those  who are actively taking level 1 or 2 and Choreography classes with us. This is solely for the purpose of matching skill set so that everyone can enjoy themselves.
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 Student Night @ Straw Hat - April 2002

Student Night @ BdF Center - October 2001
The stage is set, the audience is seated, it's SHOWTIME!
Students brought in potluck items for the buffet      Chris our sound guy
Tribe Badir performs
Left: Tina dons the "death mask" for Lisa's Life Death performance.

Guest troupes are invited to perform, the more- the merrier!

Janine & Elliot provide live music for the open dance jam!

Our heartfelt thanks to:
the friends & family
who came to the show,
Janine & Elliot who came and played,
the guests who danced,
and the terrific group of women (tribe & troupe) who dance with me.


Student Night @ BdF -  May 2001

 Getting ready...                                            Everyone is ready to Dance!
   Lisa leads an impromptu dance                                                        Joanne & Lisa of Tribe Badir         

   Di greets folks at the door                                           Dance  jam!
                             A wonderful night was
had by all. We would like to thank the great folks at the Billy de Frank Gay & Lesbian  Community Center for providing us with such an awesome space for our events!