Street Dance
 Welcome to the Coyotes page!
 Coyotes are an Outlaw Gunsliner Gang of Street Dance / Fly Girl style club dancers led & directed by "Dakota" (Miranda).

Fer cheatin', spittin', drunkedness',
tormentin' innocent Sherrifs,
stealin' hearts, lyin & leavin', destroyin' hotel property,
and just plain unladylike behavior

Leader of the Coyote Gang
Armed, dangerous, and mean!

Wanted in all territoriesfer treatin' good hearted honest hard workin' cowboys like ponies and mules!

Her dark mysterious beauty has hypnotized many-a-man
who lost their fortunes to her... willingly.
Whatever you do, do not look into her allurin' brown gypsy eyes.
She'll hynotize ya outta yer silver, gold, and pants!

Born on the back of a bronc
this wild-n-free spirit is known fer stealin hearts & horses
This ain't yer typical female, she's a wild creature that's never been tamed. Anyone thetas tried to rope 'er jus crawled away shiverin' and lickin their wounds.

This outlaw is notorious fer choosin victims with the finest shoes
leavin' them tied, gagged, and barefoot.
This one might look nice an friendly-like, but watch out she'll have ya hawg-tied and cryin like a baby! She'll steal yer boots off ya faster than you can say "Fool's Gold"!

Sangria Rose
This busty beauty is the daughter of the largest rancho owners
in the west. She left her plush home to join the Coyotes.
This faded rose ran away from home a virgin (and with a fortune in her saddlebags) to join the most notorious gang of outlaw gunslingers, the Coyotes.

Friends of the Coyotes
We got a live one here, Gwen-the winner of the "Let the Coyote's buy ya a drink" raffle at Odyssey's Friday night party.
The Coyotes and Mistress Blade at Odyssey's Friday Night Party