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Extra Large Authentic Gypsy Choli Tops in XXXL sizes!
Gypsy Choli tops are sold "as-is" (due to the hand crafting and age, some details may be missing or asymmetrical and are meant to be part of the charm that an authentic garment possesses). Once worn, choli's are non returnable (sorry, but one person spoiled it for everyone, so now we have to have this rule). We highly recommend that you use dress shields to extend the life of this beautiful garment and protect it from body salts. Dry clean only.


We are proud to carry the most beautiful handmade shoes on the Planet*
*our humble opinion.

Mula's $60.00
Here is our little curled up pointy-toed slippers, better known as "Mula's" . These are great shoes for the Middle Eastern reinactor. These babies are great for the dancer that needs to slip off their shoes easily to perform. Mula's are made of leather with a durable rubber sole. Suede leather finish shown on Sangria purple and Forest green models above.

Mula's are available in Men's and Woman's whole sizes. Colors available are: Forest Green, Purple Sangria, Moroccan Red, Sahara Brown and Bedouin Black.

Dancers $60.00
The "Dancer" design has been road tested and approved by Tribe Badir.

Notice how the heel cup grabs your heel and keeps your feet from sliding during intense spinning and complicated dance steps.

The thick lace cross over your foot a number of times to provide stability and comfort.

The extra wide "tabs" at each side of your toes keep the ball of your foot centered on the shoe so there's no spinning off the edges.  

The soles are made of a rubber that is hard enough to spin on, yet won't slip.

Added padding between the sole and the leather base provide a heavenly cushion for your feet.

These shoes blow doors on that flimsy Hermes sandal and unlike Hermes, can be worn out doors.


Dancers are available in Men's and Woman's whole sizes. They come in black, but can be ordered in different colors.

Dancer style shown L-R: on wide, narrow, and regular width feet
Everyone can wear this versatile shoe!

Contact Badir Tribal Designs at 408 286-5675 M-F 10am-7pm PST
or email: eurohaus (at) earthlink (dot) net to purchase or order

A note regarding custom orders:
  All custom orders must be paid in-full at time of order.
  Allow approx. 6-8 weeks additional delivery time (delivery time varies  depending on work queue).
  Custom orders are final and nonrefundable.