The History

The Tri-Cities Garden Club was started in 1999, with the first munch held on Feb 4th.

Topics that have been covered:(and may again)

March - Dungeon Ettiquett, Scene Negotiation & Contract 101

April - Piercing (by Master Ralph)

May -  A Dom's History (Old Guard by Raps)

June - What is a slave?

July - The Violet Wand (by Flogger)

August - Leather Bondage (by LeatherMaker and delighted)

September - Pony girls/boys (by ciedre and Mz Randi)

October - Suspension (by Al and sandy)

November-Subspace/Dom Space(by Mz Randi)

December-Toy making/pervertables(by Sir Wayne and intablues)

January-Whips(by Master Eddie)

Febuary- caning (by ciedre)

March- "the art of bondage videos" (by intablues)

April- Nawa shibira (by James and bren)

May- Mind F**K (By JK and missylynn)

June-Flogging (by Mistress Amber)

July-BDSM Trivia (by evilone)

Aug-Dungeon Ettiquette (Allena)

Sept-Fisting (by Matt[demo evilone])

Oct-The art of Caning (By The Marquessa)

Nov-Commitment Cerimony (Master Debbie and pam)

The demonstrations are open to Threshold members and guests. Attending the munch is the best method of obtaining an invitation.

The Munch


The munch is open to all and many people from around the region attend. Let’s all come out and welcome the newcomers to our group. Bring a friend to the munch as this is a good place for first timers to observe and ask questions about the lifestyle. No fetish wear please. (Collars acceptable of course)



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