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Other OFFicial Sites:

Sierra Studios

Sierra Studios: Arcanum (English)

Sierra Studios: Arcanum Forum

Sierra Studios: Arcanum (German)



Arcanum World

A very nice United Kingdom fan site by Knicitta and Bad_Buck. It is well organized and includes details about schematics and spells in the game. Of special interest are the photos of many of the #acanum IRC chat room regulars. This is also the home of Knicitta's tribe (not clan) of female Arcanum fans called the Amazons.

Dimensions of Arcanum

A very attractive site run by Heroman (perhaps best known as the moderator of the official Sierra Arcanum boards) and Merlina. This site is the home of Heroman's Arcanum Webring, so if you have an Arcanum fan site, this is the place to sign up and get connected. Of special interest is the site's "TECH HELP" section.

Terra Arcanum

This is in my opinion the overall best unofficial Arcanum fan site on the web. It is very professionally done and easy to navigate. Technically, It is run by Calis and maintains a large staff. Of special interest is their attractive forum called House of Lords (which, of course, hosts our little forum).

The Tarant Daily

A classically styled site run by three of our own staff: Shards, Lord_Davidian (that's me) and Plastic_Couch and it's newest member, Tonurics. This site is nicely put together and the news is always current. Of special interest (besides the fact that three of us run it, heh) is the Humor section which features Plastic_Couch's very "unique" Arcanumix. Arcanumix can also be linked from our HUMOR page.