My Memories

from the good ? old days

On this page you will find things I remember about growing up On a small farm in central Texas during the 30's and 40's.

In spite of what some people say about "the good old days", most of my memories are good. Of course there are some things I would not want to have to do again. Like that long walk to the out house on a cold winter day.It sure did not take long to finish your buisness with that icey wind blowing up around your butt.

however, it was a good place to read the sears-roebuck catalog when the weather was warmer.

The richest person is not the one who has the most but is the one who needs the least

We never had much money,however we were much richer than we realized at the time. We had plenty to eat and a good house to live in. What really made us rich was a loving mama and daddy and a whole lot of great kinfolks. some of the best memories were made when these kinfolks came to the farm for a visit. Us kids had a great time running and playing. We might even get to go to Tharp's spring to go swimming.Boy that water was cold. After dark we would get a jar and catch lightning bugs. Made a great lantern ,or so we thought at the time.
Many happy hours were spent in this great live oak tree. It had long branches that reached to the ground and made wonderful horses for us to ride. Several generations of kids climbed in this tree and I don't think anyone was ever hurt while playing in it.

This old tree behind us was Grandpa's pride and joy and a wonderful playground for us kids. It was a small five pronged liveoak when he built his home beside it over 100 years ago. Now it hovers over the house like an old mother hen protecting her brood. Meny discussions on religion and politics took place under this old tree.

musical memories

When I was small there wasn't any country and western music as such. IN those days you hsd hillbilly,or honky tonk and cowboy. Of course there was also classical or long hair music. As time went by the hillbilly and cowboy evolved into country and western. I guess that was my favorite. I remember listening to the light crust dough boys at noon. Then there was the grand old opera , Louisiana hay ride and another I think was the national barn dance.Also there was the stamps quartet and the chuck wagon gang.The sons of the pioneers and many more were there .
I also liked the classical so long as there wasn't too much of it.
I also enjoyed the old songs we sang in church

My Dad and Grandpa both had the old wind-up record players, usually called a victrola.Grandpa had a lot of old 78 rpm records,mostly classical. He got a lot of pleasure from listing to them and especially liked to play them for others.
By the time I came along most people had a radio.TV was unknown then.Not too many years before that radios were not to common. The first ones were not very good. Some you had to have earphones to hear. The music was really poor quality but they enjoyed it .It was better than nothing.I wish they could hear the music we have now.Oh, how they would enjoy it.

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