Bluff Creek Cowboy Church

Howdy , come worship with us

we don't care what you have done or care where you have been
we just want to save your soul so won't you come on in

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For more information and their event calendargo to their offficial website
While there be sure to check out their chuck wagon and arena events. Want to have some fun? Come to a play day in the arena, bring kids!
Kids Sing Along
Thank You Lord
Thank you Lord for the uncountable blessings you have given me over my lifetime . For over eighty years the Lord gave me all I needed. The fact that I am here proves that if I really needed it, I had it. Notice I did not say He gave me everything I wanted. A lot of things I thought I needed ,I only wanted. Now He did not just hand me all these things, some I worked very hard for, but since I can do nothing with out the Lord, I give Him credit for all I have and all I ever had. Looking back , I see that I could have had more if I had only ask. ,br. I will mention only a few that I have received in my later years. The best one came when I became a member of this caring , Bible believing Church family here at Bluff Creek Cowboy Church
The second one happened a few years back when the lord let me call this piece of his world my own. Now I know that some of you cowboys may say" why would anyone give thanks for those brush covered hills? Ain't nothing there but brush, rocks and rattle snakes!" Well you are wrong! The Lord walks these hills with me and if I should get thirstyJesus is turning the windmill So you see,God knew exactly what He was doing when He put me here!!

view from hill behind my house

Did you know you had ahappieness account

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MY Memories
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