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So, who is this Uncle Dirk, and what's his newsletter about?

Why, he's the advice guy for the internet underground, of course! Didn't you read the big heading above? Anyway, he's the one who'll really tell you what the deal is with all the issues being pondered by today's top thinkers! If you insist, you can read some sample questions and answers from Uncle Dirk. His newsletter, full of helpful tidbits for your everyday life, is sure to brighten your day whenever you read it.

Can I ask Uncle Dirk a question?

Sure, he loves that. You can ask Uncle Dirk a question by e-mailing him at uncle_dirk@hotmail.com. If it's a good question, Uncle Dirk might answer it in a future issue of the newsletter. Won't that make you feel great about yourself?

OK, I'm sold.


No, I mean I want to sign up.

You and everybody else.

Seriously, I want to get Uncle Dirk's advice!

What, you think you're special, or something?

Where's the $%#@& sign-up box?

All right, all right, you don't have to twist my arm... Geez... You can sign up here:
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