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Kelt Reeves Interview!

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10 Questions with Kelt Reeves (President of Falcon Northwest)

Subject: The new "TALON" Gaming PC from Falcon Northwest


If you are a subscriber to either PCGamer or Computer Gaming World, you are probably wondering about the new advertisement featured in this month's issue for the new "TALON" PC from Falcon Northwest. (And from the deluge of e-mails I've gotten over the past three days asking about this ad, I would guess that means a lot of you....) Well, as always, THE FALCON MACH V FAN PAGE (Which I guess will soon be "THE FALCON MACH V AND TALON FAN PAGE") brings you the inside scoop on this revolutionary and evolutionary approach to gaming PC manufacturing directly from the man who started the "Gaming PC" industry....Mr. Kelt Reeves.

-Vincent Vega


1. What, exactly is a Talon computer?

The Talon series will be an entire new line of gaming PCs by Falcon Northwest aimed at the budget-conscious gamer. Talon will deliver extreme "bang-for-the buck", and be our first ever pre-built models.

2. How does it involve 3dfx?

I'm not allowed to say exactly at this point. 3dfx is keeping this project a secret even from most of their own people, for reasons I'm also not allowed to divulge. Right now I can't tell you much more than what they have cleared me to say in our ads for Talon: "Guts by 3dfx." I can tell you that these "guts" are something you've never seen before, and the Talon will be the only place you'll be able to get them.

3. Are you still going to offer the MACH V?

Of course! The Talon series will be a complement to the MACH V line, and will in no way replace it. The MACH V line of custom PCs has always been our flagship product and will continue to be so. However, the performance standard set by the MACH V comes at a price.

4. Is the Talon a "cheaper" version of the Mach V?

Yes and no. Yes, it will be a serious gamer's PC, by Falcon Northwest. But no, it will not be a MACH V with its wings clipped, so to speak. It is being designed from the ground up to be different from the MACH V. They will be pre-built so you can have one in your hands in days instead of weeks. They will be after-market customizable, but not to the same extreme degree that MACH V's are. And for the first time ever we have chosen a hardware partner ahead of time. 3Dfx will provide proven performance and reliability with a brand name people trust. Perhaps the best way to think of it is that if MACH V's are custom Ferraris, the Talon series are production Corvettes. Less exotic, but without the exotic pricetag.

5. Your ad in CGW and PCGamer says "priced to move" what kind of price point are you shooting for?

I don't have specifics yet, but they will start where the MACH V series ends - sub $2,000

6. Why have you decided to add a new product to your line of already successful MACH V's?

The MACH V was the world's first true gaming PC, and has never been defeated in a competition. It was originally developed to be an alternative to mass production business PCs, and still is the best option for serious gamers. But now the playing field has become cluttered with cheap business PCs with 3D cards calling themselves gaming PCs. Many people are being sucked in by their clever marketing and attractive pricepoints, only to find out that a 3D card does not a gaming PC make. Now we need a less expensive alternative to let the casual and the less affluent gamers get a real Falcon gaming PC at a price that competes with the wannabes. The Talon series will also be a great way for new gamers to get their feet wet in the world of serious gaming hardware. It's a line we've wanted to do for a long time, but cutting corners isn't our style. 3dfx is providing us the means for real gaming hardware at mass-PC prices.

7. Are you in business with 3dfx, or just forming a sort of "working relationship"?

It's definitely a working relationship. We don't want to give anyone the impression that we're now working for 3Dfx. The MACH V series will still use whatever the fastest video products are, even if 3Dfx should ever lose their edge at the high end. But in the past 4 years 3Dfx has ruled 3D graphics for gamers, and they were the best choice by far for the "guts" of the Talon series.

8. Is this product aimed at competing with the likes of "Dell" and "Gateway"?

Again, yes and no. Neither Dell nor Gateway pretend to make a gaming PC. Dell & Gateway are both general purpose and business PC makers who now have 3D capability in their machines, so they've offered them to gamers. However, many gamers do resort to buying their PCs from them because they haven't been able to afford real gaming PC's. With Talon, we hope to change that.

9. When do you plan to have the new "TALON" available for purchase?

We're targeting sometime in July, when our new production facility comes on-line.

10. Is Falcon going to start its own "totally unbiased" gaming news site, like its "competitors"? ;-)

LOL! =8-D I'm not touching that with a twenty foot pole.

Thanks Kelt, I hope that answers everyone's "burning questions"!