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Patrol Squadron VP-14
Deployment Diary

Archive and Microfilm Research
by Louise Thoman

01 September 1938

Patrol Squadron 21 Commissioned at NAS Sand Point (Seattle, WA) with 6 P2Y aircraft. VP-21 was later to become VP-45 and then VP-14.

04 May 1939

Squadron detailed to NAS San Diego to ferry 15 new PBY-4 aircraft to Pearl Harbor, T.H. Detail completed on 27 June 1939.

01 August 1939

VP-21 was redesignated Patrol Squadron 45 at Seattle, WA, G. Ott, Commanding.

08 August 1939

Transferred to Sitka, Alaska, G. Ott, Commanding.

05 November 1939

Transferred to NAS Sand Point (Seattle, WA), G. Ott, Commanding

Scanning Graphic for Input
Photo taken at NAS North Island

01 December 1939

Squadron redesignated Patrol Squadron 14 at NAS North Island (San Diego, CA) William T. Rassieur, Commanding. This was the birth of VP-14.

01 March 1940

The squadron was divided. Half the personnel was assigned to newly formed VP-13 to afford that squadron experienced personnel. Both squadrons were brought up to full strength with new personnel and equipment.

01 December 1940

Training at NAS North Island with PBY-4 and PBY-5 aircraft. William T. Rassieur, Commanding.

14 April 1941

Squadron transferred to Pearl Harbor, T.I. VP-20 was also based here. William T. Rassieur, Commanding.

15 April 1941

Squadron designation changed to VP-26 and relocated to NAS Kaneohe Bay. William T. Rassieur, Commanding.

01 July 1941

Squadron designation changed back to VP-14. Change of command. T. B. Clark, Commanding.

01 September 1941

Summary: During the prior three years, the squadron spent 10 months in Seattle, 4 months in Sitka, 16 months in San Diego, 5 months at Kaneohe and 1 month in transit to these duty assignments.

07 December 1941

Japanese navy carrier pilots attacked Pearl Harbor, NAS Kaneohe, Hickam Army Air Corps Base, Schoffield Barracks and other military installations. T. B. Clark Commanding.

08 December 1941

All available aircraft and six crews detailed to Pearl Harbor. T.B. Clark, Commanding.

17 December 1941

All personnel and aircraft returned to NAS Kaneohe. T. B. Clark, Commanding.

01 January 1942

Squadron had 6 PBY-5 aircraft. T. B. Clark, Commanding.

To satisfy Pacific Fleet requirements:

07 January 1942 Hillis and crew TDY to Palmyra Island

07 January 1942 Kilner and crew TDY to Johnston Island

11 January 1942 Hillis and Kilner returned to NAS Kaneohe

12 January 1942 Web and crew TDY to Hilo, T.H.

16 January 1942 Paulin and crew TDY to Johnston, Island

17 January 1942 Web returned to NAS Kaneohe

21 January 1942 Thurlow and crew TDY to Palmyra Island

26 January 1942 Paulin and Thurlow returned to NAS Kaneohe

07 February 1942

6 plane detachment commanded by T.B.Clark dispatched for search and reconnaissance around and between: The Coral Sea, New Caledonia, Palmyra, Canton and Suva.

15 February 1942

Continued search and reconnaissance in areas at the pleasure of the Pacific Fleet to satisfy fleet requirements. Still based at NAS Kaneohe but on TDY a good portion of the time.

01 October 1942

Change of command. Gordon Fowler, commanding. Received 8 new PBY-5A aircraft. NAS Kaneohe.

28 October 1942

Three aircraft and crews sent to Canton Island to perform long range searches. They were accompanied by 3 crews from VP-12.

01 November 1942

Change of Command. Bruce Van Voorhis Commanding. All aircraft and crews at NAS Kaneohe. Crews were continually dispatched on TDY to areas of need.

15 February 1943

All crews of VP-14 and appropriate equipment transferred to VB-102, Bruce Van Voorhis Commanding. The arrival of the Consolidated PB4Y-1 Liberator afforded more speed, bomb load and fire power.

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