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Patrol Bombing Squadron 102
Lineage Summary

Archive and Microfilm Research
by Louise Thoman

14 February 1944

Reformed at NAS Camp Kearney California as
Bombing Squadron 102 (VB-102)
LCDR G. Russell Pearson, Commanding

1 October 1944

The squadron was redesignated Patrol Bombing Squadron 102
while on Tinian Island in the Marianna Island Group
LCDR G. Russell Pearson, Commanding

22 February 1945

Change of Command Tinian
L. P. Pressler, Commanding

7 August 1945

Change of Command, Iwo Jima
LCDR L. W. Bates, Commanding

3 December 1945

Change of Command, Agana, Guam.
LCDR M. L. Lowe, Commanding

15 May 1946

Squadron Redesignated VP-102, Agana, Guam
LCDR M. L. Lowe, Commanding

6 June 1946

Moved to NAS North Island, San Diego, California
LCDR M. L. Lowe, Commanding

4 October 1946

Change of Command
LCDR H. A. Rowe, Commanding

15 November 1946

Redesignated a Weather Recon Squadron VP-HL-2
LCDR H. A. Rowe, Commanding

14 February 1948

Change of Command
D. S. Gray, Commanding

2 July 1948

Moved to NAS Kaneohe, T. H.
D. S. Gray, Commanding

1 September 1948

Squadron Redesignated VP-22
D. S. Gray, Commanding

2 April 1949

Change of Command
J. W. Hughes, Commanding

1 May 1949

Moved to NAS Barber's Point, Hawaii
J. W. Hughes, Commanding

30 June 1950

Transitioned to P2V-4 Aircraft
J. W. Hughes, Commanding

P2V-4 Aircraft
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1 November 1959

Deployed to Naha, Okinawa

1 May 1951

Returned to NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii

29 November 1952 to 27 May 1953

Operated in the Korean Theater

1 February 1955

Transitioned to P2V5-F Aircraft

P2V5-F Aircraft
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19 November 1958

Deployed to Adak, Alaska

1 November1964

Transitioned to P-3A Orion Aircraft

P3-Orion Aircraft
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23 April 1965

Deployed to Philippines

21 April 1966

Detachment to Midway and Kwajalein

Midway Island
Midway Island
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ll October 1971 to 1 April 1972

Transitioned to P-3B DIFAR System

2 August 1978

NAS Moffett Field
CA transition to P-3B MOD

1 June 1979

Deployed to NAS Cubi Point, Philippines

Laps in Records:

July 1990 to October 1990

Transistion to P-3C UIL.5

1 April 1992

Moffett Field, California

24 February 1992 to 26 March 1992

4 Crews TDY Howard AFB to Narcotics Operations

15 March 1994

Squadron Decommissioned
NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii

Summary of Squadron Designations:
VP-14, VB-102, VPB-102, VP-102, VP-HL-2, VP-22 (Squadron Decommissioned)

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