Navy Patrol Bombing Squadrons 102/14 Association

Bombing Squadron 102
Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient

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U.S. Navy Congressional Medal of Honor


For his heroic action as Commanding Officer of Bombing Squadron 102, 
operating out of Carney Field, Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands. 
Lieutenant Commander Bruce Van Voorhis and his entire crew were lost 
while on a bombing mission over the Japanese held island, Kapingamarangi.

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Lieutenant Commander Bruce Avery Van Voorhis

Lieutenant Commander USN
Born 29 January 1908
Died 6 July 1943
Aberdeen, Washington


"For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life, above and beyond the call of duty as Squadron Commander of Bombing Squadron ONE HUNDRED TWO and as Plane Commander of a PB4Y-1 Patrol Bomber operating against the enemy on Japanese held Greenwich Island during the battle of the Solomon Islands, 6 July 1943. Fully aware of the limited chance of surviving an urgent mission, voluntarily undertaken to prevent surprise Japanese attack against our forces, Lieutenant Commander Van Voorhis took off in total darkness on a perilous 700 mile flight without escort or support. Successful in reaching his objective, despite treacherous and varying winds, low visibility and difficult terrain, he fought a lone but relentless battle under fierce antiaircraft fire and overwhelming aerial opposition. Forced lower and lower by pursuing planes, he coolly persisted in his mission of destruction. Abandoning all chance of a safe return, he executed six bold, ground-level attacks to demolish the enemy's vital radio station, installations, antiaircraft guns and crews with bombs and machine-gun fire, and to destroy one fighter plane in the air and three on the water. Caught in his own bomb blast, Lieutenant Commander Van Voorhis crashed into the lagoon off the beach, sacrificing himself in a single-handed fight against almost insurmountable odds, to make a distinctive contribution to our continued offensive in driving the Japanese from the Solomon's and, by his superb daring courage and resoluteness of purpose, enhanced the finest traditions of the United States Naval Service. He gallantly gave his life for his country."