Greetings to you all. I don't know what you were expecting to find here, since I'm still learning about setting up a Web page.

Shoot... you're missing out on a cool gif

Before you ask, the above gif (if you can see it) is not of me.

Who am I? Well, for about the last 10 (yes, ten) years, I've been known as Milamber on the computer network. This spans my time from way back when I was P99I1798@JHUVM, then P12I1798@JHUVM, then GCS_JOGU@STEVENS, then JOGULIN@STEVENS, then, and now Of late, however, I have been calling myself Fireblade after the type of motorcycle I own.

I've recently gone throught a bit of an upheaval in my life. I went and displaced myself from my home state of New Jersey (sometimes also known as The People's Republic of New Jersey), and moved myself about 150-200 miles south. I used to work for a company called Interactive Engines, based in Reston, VA. Well, that company folded... went belly-up... "Do not pass go. Do not collect $200." I'm now working for America On-Line in its Reston, VA, office. I'm still not entirely working in my area of concentration from my Master of Science Computer Science (that area being Computer Networks), but with the work I'm going to be doing here, at least some of it will apply, and it's STILL not the suit-and-tie world of programming. :-) My resume can be found here, for those interested in seeing it. My military biographical summary cam be found here, for those interested in seeing that.

Here is a photo that I can't fit into one of my subpages yet:

The Officers and First Sergeant of the 618th Quartermaster Co (I'm in the center in the back row) (Feb, 1995)

DoD Logo The time is here. I've got a new photo of me with my current motorcycle! If you ride and are interested in just going somewhere and having fun, let me know. My friends and I know a bunch of decent roads, all easily accessible within a couple of hours for lots of twisty fun. If you want to read some of my trip reports, just click here, and you'll read some of these adventures while motorcycling. More will follow as I find more time to convert them to HTML.

Of course, the real questions are: Are you a real rider or just a summer squid? Look here for the Polar Bear Ride schedule and here for the Polar Bear Club rules.

My other hobbies include

For those of you interested, you can find some of the works by my "Partner in Time" and me here. We're called The Two in the TARDIS.

I don't have much else to say. If you want to know anything, e-mail me at and ask, because:

I can answer any question... often the answer is, "I don't know."

Joe Ogulin

PS. I don't check yahoo mail that frequently, but I have that address on here because it's a good way to keep me from getting a lot of spam in my own mailbox.