Here's how the ACBL defines their ranks:

fewer than 5 masterpoints
Junior Master
at least 5 masterpoints
Club Master
at least 20 masterpoints
Sectional Master
at least 50 masterpoints, including 5 silver points
Regional Master
at least 100 masterpoints, including 5 red or gold points and 15 silver points
NABC Master
at least 200 masterpoints, including 5 gold points, 15 red or gold points, and 26 silver points
Life Master
at least 300 masterpoints, including 25 gold points, 25 red or gold points, and 50 silver points
Black points can be earned anywhere, Silver points can only be earned at sectional tournaments, Red points can be earned at regional tournaments and the North American Bridge Championships (NABCs), and gold points can be earned only in certain events at Regionals and NABCs.

My standings as of 3/6/99:

0.00Gold points
20.30Red points
14.79Silver points (I only need 49.33 due to the ruling when this requirement was created)
31.11Black points
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