So you want to learn a little bit about my Ren Faire hobby. Well, it's something that a friend of mine during my undergraduate years introduced me to. My first faire was the one at Mt. Hope Estate and Winery near Lancaster, PA. (Exit 20 from PA turnpike). Since then, I've been to the following faires: Of the above ones, I recommend the first three, absolutely. The New Jersey Renaissance Festival used to be done entirely by volunteers, since they donated their proceeds to the Make-a-Wish Foundation of NJ. It's a shame that the Pocono Faire shut down, because that one was a lot of fun. It had promise, but it just didn't get the crowd draw it needed to stay in business. As for the New York Faire, well, this is one that most true Renrats refer to as "The K-mart of Renaissance Festivals" because the actors there do not interact with the patrons and it is a very highly staged faire. I've been told this one has changed somewhat since a new management company bought it out. I have yet to go back to it to find out personally, and from what I've been hearing about this management company, I want to do as little to support this management company as little as possible. Virginia Renaissance Faire happens to be owned by the same management company. I have very little hopes for VARF now, as they are entering their fourth year and I wasn't impressed with what I saw last year, nor what I've heard about how local management has treated certain people. The Sterling Faire, on the other hand, is barrels of fun, because the actors involve the patrons as often as possible. I tend to go to the NY Faire only when I want to buy something, since they have loads of vendors.

Now you have a choice... I've got two photos of me in garb... take your pick.

Me at the Maryland Renaissance Festival, Crownsville, MD (Sep, 1997)
Me at the Sterling Renaissance Festival, Sterling, NY (Jul, 1993)

Oh... and in case you get hungry, here's a recipe for unattended children.

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