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If you have a hunting picture of yourself, or someone in your family that you would like to share. Please send it, along with a short discription, to
Whitetail Hunter
and I will put it on this page.

Please make your pictures in gif or jpeg format

On his first deer hunt, Michael Long, 14, of Halls Tn. downed this button buck. The deer was taken Nov. 6 1988, during a juvenile hunt at Natchez Trace WMA.

Kevin Gilliland got this nice 13pt., 142lb. buck on Nov. 20, 99 in Weakley Co. Tn.
It had a 17 3/4" inside spread with 5 1/2" bases.

Bob Watson took his first buck on Oct. 24, 98. He was hunting with a bow. It is a 21 pointer and dressed out at 185 lbs.

Kelly, arrowed this 21 pointer in full velvet with his PSE bow. On Wed. Nov. 4, 98, and trailed it till Fri. Nov. 6, But it was worth all the trouble.

RJ Herd { 15 yrs. } from Quakerown, PA. Killed his first buck at 7:00 am while bow hunting. It has 9 points, but is a main frame 6. There are kicker points on each side near the base and a broken off point on the left antler.

Neil Holland, rattled in this 11 pointer at 9:45 am on Nov.10,99 in Colville Wash. He was using a Browning A-bolt .30-06.

Dennis Taylor took this nice buck with a 7mm on opening day in North Idaho.

Ron Levergood got this five pointer in montgomery county Md. with a bow at 7:15 am on 10-14-00
It weight in at around 130lbs

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