"Wings of Time"

September 1, 2002

July 7, 2002

October 21, 2000

'do Night Badger. Welcome to Alabama.

November 4, 2000

Wa'do Moira for your touching words. That is what
   I hope to achieve with this site, peaceful reflection.  

November 11, 2000
Wa'do again my friend

Dedicated to The Protesters

To my friend Nightbadger, out of all the bad, came the good of a new and valued friend. Click on the "Stand with Honor" logo and see the beautiful page Night Badger created for me. 
Night Badger Wa'do

From Fire Eyes, designed by Annie Wa'do

From Two Dogs Wa'do

From Cougar Heart Wa'do

From Evening Rain Wa'do


From Rick, Bobby and Rasky, Wa'do. 

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Bruce DeBoer