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At the Woodside all sandwiches are assembled as ordered; none are pre-made. All are given proper love and affection.

To ensure highest quality, many items at the Woodside Deli are made fresh daily in limited quantities and may not be available at all times.


All wall adornments and antiques are owned by the boss, who happens to be a nostalgia freak of the first order. Many of the items have been obtained from our guests. If you have something that would look good on our walls and would be willing to part with it in a trade or donation ( latter preferred), the boss would be glad to talk to you.

If you are not served in five minutes... you 'll get served in 6 to maybe 10, Enjoy and relax.

If you don't see what you want, ask and we'll gladly make your "off the wall" selections We will prepare to the limit and imagination of your pocketbook .


Even though the physical premises may change from time to time, we will endeavor to maintain the Woodside as it is and was in the past...a place where good people and good food meet on common ground.

Any patron discovering any misspelling in the menu will be charged an extra 5 cents per missteak.

At Woodside, we promise friendly service at reasonable prices. If for any reason we fail to live up to this promise please don't tell anyone.

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