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So u Want Avatars?? I Guess So. Haahahahahaah. Pick Ya Poison Below, I Won't Waste Yo Time Wit Mindlezz Writing, Unlezz u like Reading Crap. But Aw Well What Can Ya Do? I dunno, Go Over to that guyz place and steal hiz wife? What? Are u Lookin At Me, No, K, So Are Me High, I think So, Huh, My Eyez Look Red>>>>>>> What, are u trippin Out?? I guezz u are so lamer that bingo Joe knows whatz on yo mind, cuz I'm the terminator, love breaker, joint taker, smoke it up , but watch out for the newzpaper delivery guy, cuz I know a pizza man that haz 5 pizzaz in his closet, He Is So tuff that my kat speakz to the wall, then pizzes in the microwave. Are U still readin this crap?? ya, u must be BAKED, cuz i don't know what i'm talkin about, and i just tricked u, i mezz yo mind up, ahahahahahhahahhahahahahahahahahaha

Man, I shouldn't smoke Drugz And Make   a web Site, Weird Thingz Tend To happen

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