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Well, we started off very humbly as a general X-Files site... but then we realized... there's about a gazillion sites just like that all over the Web! So we decided to be different... and that's how the X-Files Isms Archive was born.

This site features quotes from the show by season, the X-Files Movie, and from the cast members themselves. We're adding more quotes everyday... and now, we're also adding a sound archive, including some hilarious bloopers! So check back for updates.

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YAY! All episodes from Season 2 updated and complete!

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What David thinks of Gillian

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Gillian Anderson's page updated

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Last Update: August 23,1999


Guest Actor: (Dr. Blockhead) Did you know that the Chinese art of sucking your balls up into your ass...
Gillian Anderson: (big laugh)
David Duchovny: I'm doing it as we speak.

Blooper! -Humbug
hear it!

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