Away in a Basement
Lyrics by Sr. Euphrosyne
for whom hope springs eternal

Sung to a shipper tune. . .

Away, in a basement which was dark and bare,
Mulder and Scully worked on files there,
The room had no windows, the door showed his name,
The little *X* Agents A.D. Skinner did blame.

Fox asked for a nice desk and, with it, a chair,
To bring joy to Scully and show her his care,
The supply staff all laughed and mocked him aloud,
Those agents and clerks were not a kind crowd.

But Mulder and Scully, no, they did not mind,
It helped, in this case, that love is colour-blind!
He saw not her dyed hair, she watched not his ties,
And when the desk was delivered, t'was a big surprise!

That desk could tell stories--of that I am sure,
It's arrival marked changes in Fox's allure,
It showed her his thoughtful, considerate side,
He grew lickable sideburns and made her his bride!

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