This list is by no means exhaustive, and I honestly haven't had a chance to read half of them,
 but there's enough stuff here 
to keep you going on those long, cold, windy winter nights. 
 Unless you live in Australia; then you can read them at the beach.

  My Holiday Fic:

Merry Christmas, Mr. Mulder


(coming soon!)

Wrapped in Blue by Jori The X-Mas Spirit by EPurSeMouve Angels in the Architecture by Alyssa Fernandez
Dear Santa
by Laura Capozzola
Blue Christmas by Plausible Deniability A Moose and Squirrel Christmas by dlynn
Angel Scully Works Her Magic by Hindy Bradley Blue Light Special by Jori

Chimes by Jori

An X-Mas Carol by Christina M. Simmons
A New and Glorious Morn by M.B. Ocks Forward Momentum by Lara Means Twelve Tales of Christmas by Anne Haynes
The Gift by S. Esty
Melting the Day Away 
by Maureen B. Ocks
Christmas Kaddish by Livia Balaban
Ornamental by SynnerX Syadiloh 1: Chanukah

Syadiloh 2 : Some Assembly Required

Syadiloh 3 : Y2K

by MustangSally &  Rivka T

 Can't Get No Santa-faction by  Susanne Barringer

Santa-faction Guaranteed by  Susanne Barringer

Christmas in California by Michelle Kiefer An Acceptable Level of Hapiness  by Jenna tooms
A Christmas Miracle by  Brandon D. Ray
Claus and Effect by Jill Selby Bells Will be Ringing by Martha Little An X-Files Xmas by Cody Nelson
Drop the Ball by Bugs In Winter Snows by JET Breath of Heaven by Vickie Moseley
Maggie's Christmas Wish by Andrea Another Christmas Carol by Michele Lellouche Christmas Fix by Lili Blue
 It Wasn't His Child by Julie Jekel  All I Want For Christmas by Juliettt The Greatest Gifts by Rhondda Lake
Transfiguration by Brandon D. Ray 1-900-OH-SANTA

By: Char Chaffin and TBishop

Wearing Icicles by Annie Sewell-Jennings
Tinfoil by Loch Ness Noel by Sammy C. Silent Night by Lydia Bower
Of Chocolate Mice and Hollow Men by Snark Secret Santa
by Jennifer Marie Brady
It Was the Rock Tumbler, Wasn’t It? by Annie Wright
Veritas by Annie Wright Simple Gifts by J. T. Filipek Not a Hallmark Kind of Guy by Brandon D. Ray
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