Yorkieland 2002 Photo Contest Submissions
(for members only)

Catagory One Entries
Puppy : Newborn to 6 months

Andie (female) born November 12th 2001
~Heidi Mittelsdorf
Tami Barrows
My puppy: Deluxe Lionus Scooter
Puppie's age: 5 months and 3 weeks

Dennisse Rodriguez
Princess Dee Rodriguez
age 6 Month old .

Caroline's Muffin
Six months old


Cindy McKay's daughter Sierra
with her puppy Tatiana


gloria macleod
Klancys You Rock My World aka Mikey
age 7 weeks



Jane Silvester
Hugo at 4 months


J. Semplice's Nikko


 Starlite Roxie
age: 3 months
 Tami Barrows

Daunte's first Christmas, age 4 months
 Sara Hayden, Darcy Schriever


Catagory 2 Entries
"Teen puppy": 7 months to one year

 Doreen Taylor Tazman
7 and half months old

Judy Casons Hank
11 mo. old

Shirley Dawson Pebbles





Catagory 3 Adult: 1 to 8 years old

Mary J. Pierson
 Quinn Mallory Pierson
Quinn is 2 years old.

 Lisa Han
     Tiny Bitto Salt (Tiny)
        2 year old

Tricia Reeves
Buddy Four years old

Lorna Wainwright
  Moquette - 3 years old

alice ruiz
luv-n-stuff r pretty awsom guy
6 years old

Kim Johnson
Maverick" 4 yrs old




Septi Méziani
Jackson Du Trefle A 4 Feuilles


Gloria Lindberg
Louise.  She is 6 years old

Dorothy Beckham
Coconut Male Yorkie age 3



Dorothy Beckham
Helen (age about 2y/o)


Arlene Gilbert

Dog's name:  Gilly Gilbert
Age:  22 months


4 years old
Judy Cason


Gloria Macleod's T.J.


Barb Rokitka's
age 3




Catagory 4 Senior: 9 and up


Michele Russic's
 Emily (9 years old)


Otis DOB 2-16-1991
 Sara Hayden, Darcy Schriever



Ferne Hirschbein
Susu and she is 13-3/4 yrs. young


9 years old
Judy Cason


Gloria MacLeod's


Catagory Five
Group photo:

Tricia Reeves
Buddy and on the left is my 3 year old Pug
named Mishu.


Denise Rager
Left to right  Lyric, Meagan, Miranda, & Champagne.



Judy Cason
My Three Sons

Hank... 5 months old
Max...8 1/2 years old
Weenie...4 1/2

Theo (male Chinese Crested) age 1 & Coconut (male Yorkie) age 3
 Dorothy Beckham

 Dorothy Beckham
Theo (male Chinese Crested age 2)
 Helen (female Yorkie age 2)
 Jasper (Male Chinese Crested age 2)
 Amber (female Chinese Crested age 1.5)
 Coconut (male Yorkie age 3)
 Dillon (Male Chinese Crested age 2)
 taken Christmas time

~Heidi Mittelsdorf
Andie (16 week old Yorkie) with her big brother Domino
(6 year old Lab/Great Dane mix) showing that they're just two of kind.
Group category
Sasha 8 yrs-Left
Cheyenne 3 yrs-Right
Picture take 12/25/01
Kim Johnson


 Jeanne & Bob Campbell's
Meadow & Millie Campbell


Isabella and Otis are the 2 Yorkies in the picture.
 Sara Hayden, Darcy Schriever


 6 mos old
  Maria Hall
Topper with sheep

Maria Hall's

Catagory Six
Owner who looks most like their Yorkie

Lori Fernandez
and Wylea


Stephen Glass's poor Yorkie
(looks like Chewbacca the wookie to me!! hehe)