My yuval


I miss you so very much.

A year has passed since that cursed Wednesday;

That same day you said goodbye and kissed me saying

There's nothing to worry about, in the evening I'll be home.

I was so calm and confident. My Yuval, nothing could

Harm you until the officer came to convey the bitter news

Of your death. I refused to believe it. I thought it was only

A matter of hours till they discovered their ”mistake”.

That’s also why I insisted they let me see you before the

Funeral, but to my sorrow I discovered it was really you

Lying in the coffin – you and no one else.

What can I tell you Yuval, my son,

There are days when your loss cuts like a knife,

There isn't a day that passes when I don't think of you

And feel sorrow that I didn't tell you enough how

Much I love you.

And there are particularly hard days when I think about

How you are up above us guarding over me.

Loving you