To Yuval


I saw you

A sweet smiling baby;

I saw you

A sweet naughty smiling child.

I saw you

A young man, a sweet smile always on your lips -

Nineteen years full of smiles.

On the eve of your military service, at the family party

You radiated optimism and joy;

And when you enlisted in the navy

You smiled and were the happiest guy around.

And when you volunteered for the Special Unit

You always said: It's great; It's so great

To be among all my friends in the unit.

You said that every moment, hour and day;

You never gave up a chance of diving with your friends.

What a terrible tragedy!

In the depths taken from us in the flower of your life.

Never again will we see that familiar smile

Never again will we see that proud sailor

Talented, happy for so short a time.

It hurts me, all of us, my nephew Yuval

Please ask where you are now, for all of us here,

To put an end to senseless tragedies.

May your memory be blessed


Yossi Chen