CardioSEAL Placement via Catheterization

Zachary's CardioSEAL placement was completed on January 25, 2002. During Zach's Fontan surgery, a small hole (fenestration) was left in the baffle so that excess pulmonary pressure can be vented to the left side of the heart (like a pressure relief valve.) Although the fenestration can be of great benefit in the immmediate recovery period of the Fontan, it is usually recommended that the fenestration be closed if it does not naturally close on its own, completing the objective of the Fontan surgery. A CardioSEAL device was the method Zach's cardiologists chose to close his fenestration. The CardioSEAL device is a small double umbrella with two sets of tiny metal arms attached to Dacron fabric and is manufactured by Nitinol Medical Technologies, Inc. It was designed to close holes in the Atrial Septum (known as ASDs), but is used to close other types of holes as well. The device is folded into a special catheter, inserted in a vein, moved into the heart and through the hole. The device is slowly pushed out of the delivery catheter, allowing each umbrella to open up and cover each side of the hole and close it. When the device is in proper position, it is released. The delivery catheter is then removed. The device remains in the heart and serves to close the hole. By closing Zachary's fenestration, his SATS have increased to the low to mid 90's from the mid to high 80's, giving him more energy and better coloring of his lips, fingers and toes.

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The CardioSEAL Device

CardioSEAL Gains FDA Approval

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