Hemi-Fontan and Bi-Directional Glenn

Zachary had two procedures performed during his open heart surgery on August 3rd, 1998. He was born with TWO superior vena cavas (SVC), one on the right and one on the left, and a left sided inferior vena cava. Doctor Bove decided that it would be best for Zachary to have a Bi- Directional Glenn on the right side and a Hemi-Fontan on the left. First he had to expose Zachary's heart through an incision down the middle of his chest (sternotomy). Then he was put on the heart/lung machine and his BT shunt was removed. In the Bi-Directional Glenn procedure, his right SVC was cut away from the heart and sewn directly to the right pulmonary artery (the hole created in the heart was then sewn shut). The Hemi-Fontan was performed on the left side by making incisions in both the left SVC and Pulmonary Artery (PA). A patch is then sewn across the top of the atrium, just below the SVC incision, and the SVC and PA are sewn together so that blood flows directly from the SVC into the PA. The patch prevents blood from flowing thru the heart and into the new SVC - PA circulation and will be removed in 12 to 18 months when he has his Fontan procedure. He was then taken off the heart/lung machine and his chest was closed.

A Diagram Of The Bi-Directional Glenn Procedure

A Diagram Of The Hemi-Fontan Procedure

Zachary's Heart Catheterization

Details Of Zachary's Hospital Stay

Photos Of Zachary In The PICU

Zachary's New Scar

Photos Of Zachary With His Friends At U Of M