Predikherenstraat 19
A self-proclaimed `student bar', doubling as a karaoke bar and hotel. This Chinese-run location has the appearance of a cocktail lounge, with sofa's scattered around and posters of centerfold models on the walls. Never crowded, as far as we can tell, and no reason it would be. If you're lucky, the owner will play you some Chinese erotic movies--but not until the occasional Chinese guests have finished their (you guessed it: Chinese) Karaoke. Drinks are on the expensive side, but definitely a recommended place in case you're looking for something different. 22 APR 99
Our rating: *1/2 out of 5

le Carafon
Hamburgerstraat 14

A bar reputed for its exciting and irregular night life (think gun fights), although Rani (the owner) vigorously denies any such rumors. Usually rather desolate before 4 o'clock at night. Fills up after Tivoli and België close, and remains open as long as there are enough people present and Rani feels like it. After recent visits we were so impressed with the atmosphere and Rani's friendliness that we felt obliged to drastically upgrade this bar's rating. 24 APR 99
Our rating: ***1/2 out of 5

picture Chez Bebe
Ina Boudier-Bakkerlaan 153

Located on the grounds of the infamous IBB student housing project and styled like a German bunker from WWII, also from the inside. Usually either packed with students or completely abandoned--it's hard to anticipate on. Entrance is one guilder for non-members, but this pays off even if you have only a single drink--they're that cheap. 10 FEB 00
No rating yet.

eetcafe Chicane
Oudkerkhof 29

Now going by the name of Havanna, this was Holland's first formula-1 high-tech cafe at the location of the former Mad Mick and Big Mamou. (Apparently, Chicane is a famous turn in some racing circuit.) Even the food bears appropriate names like Zandvoortse kletskoppen. 9 FEB 00
No rating yet.

Chin Chin
Kromme Nieuwegracht 18

A disco located outside the main streets, but very close to the Nobelstraat. Not busy until 1:00 am, after which they ask a cover charge. Barman Alex is said to dress to each occasion, wearing shorts on Thursday, their weekly salsa-dancing night. 10 FEB 00
No rating yet.

City Bar

Typical Dutch bar located in a section of Utrecht which is mainly populated by Turkish and Moroccan families. Incredibly boring interior, fat bartender, nice pooltable and music from Holland's worst singers. On Saturday night they offer stripteas [sic]. 10 FEB 00
Our rating: 1/2 out of 5

eetcafe la Comedy
Janskerkhof 22

Nice large place with trendy interior. Every other week on Monday you can watch stand-up comedians trying out (10pm). The place is really stuffed then, so be sure to arrive in time or have dinner beforehand (relatively expensive; this goes for drinks as well). On Saturdays it is supposedly a place to dance, but there is not much space to actually move. Go there only if you like meat-markets. Expensive. 9 FEB 00
Our rating: **1/2 out of 5

Mick O'Connell's
Jansdam 3

An Irish pub, be it less traditional than O'Leary's. Friendly English-speaking bartenders, serving whisky and Guinness. It is quite a big place, but divided into more cozy smaller rooms, each with its own entrance. The main part of the pub is usually quite crowded, but look for more space in the other parts of the pub. The music is varied and we like it, but not typically Irish. They also seem to have food and if you're bored with drinking you can play darts. Foreign exchange students from the Erasmus network seem to hang out here every Tuesday night. 24 APR 99
No rating yet.