de Dansfabriek
Drieharingstraat 22
Formerly known as Brussels, we have yet to visit this bar/dancing. 17 FEB 00
No rating yet.

old-brown interior Derat
Lange Smeestraat 37

Cheap place, never very crowded, with a loyal group of regular customers that you'll find there about every night. Featured in the novel Giph by Dutch writer Ronald Giphart. Its toilet walls are neatly decorated with porcelain tiles carrying many old Dutch proverbs; an eternal favorite is ``Een gast brengt telkens vreugde aan--zo niet bij het komen, dan wel bij het gaan''. In honour of their name they have real dead rats on display. Rumour has it that the building hid several members of the Dutch resistance during WWII--they couldn't confirm this though. The bar itself isn't nearly as old as it looks: it opened in January 1987. And yes, it's really called `Derat', not `de Rat', as the result of an administrative typo long ago. 23 APR 99
Our rating: ****1/2 out of 5

de Deugniet
Willemstraat 12

A new cafe with very cheap food (approx. fl 10 for a three-course meal) and a small terrace in summer. Formerly known as Willem's Bar. 24 APR 99
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de Dijk
Nobelstraat 283

A friendly cafe conveniently located at the popular Nobelstraat, and formerly known as de Nobel. Just bought that new CD that you just can't get enough of? Just bring it with you--the owners won't mind playing it. If it's not already taken, sit at the table that stand on the trapdoor giving access to the cellar; if they need to move it because they have to enter the cellar, you'll get a round of free drinks. 24 APR 99
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Dikke Dries II
Oudkerkhof 36

A classic among Utrecht's bars. It is run by the son of Dries, whose original bar still exists (Waterstraat 32). Its interior is what you might expect from any Dutch bar. Formerly a popular place among students, it is now mostly visited by young folk of different backgrounds. Usually pretty crowded, especially during the Utrecht Blues and Jazz nights. 10 FEB 00
Our rating: **1/2 out of 5

old-brown interior Dikke Dries
Waterstraat 32

The famous original Dikke Dries bar. It is situated opposite the main police station, in a neighborhood inhabited by many authentic Utrecht folk. The atmosphere has lost most of its old charm, but the people are still allright. The walls display many pictures of fratboys from the Corps Student Society. 23 APR 99
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Nachtegaalstraat 61

A pleasant, but fairly nondescript bar just outside downtown Utrecht. Not your typical rowdy student gathering, but suitable for a good conversation. Take note of their collection of old radios on display. 23 APR 99
Our rating: **1/2 out of 5

Biltstraat 69

Very quiet Spanish bar. The owners are very kind, but unfortunately the place has only one regular customer, Klaas. That is to say, used to have one regular customer, as Klaas reputedly hasn't shown up much lately. 5 APR 99
No rating yet.

Nobelstraat 207

Formerly called the Dikke Dom, now known as Janssen en Jansen. 19 MAR 98
Our rating: *1/2 out of 5

het Dorstige Hart
Lange Nieuwstraat 47 bis

After having been swallowed in a blazing fire some years ago, this place was completely rebuilt and to be honest we haven't been there since. 11 DEC 00
Our rating: *** out of 5