Jan de Winter
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Janssen en Jansen
Nobelstraat 207

Formerly called de Dikke Dom, then Dommel and now named after two detectives in Kuifje (Tintin) comic books. A small bar, with a little upstairs area where a few additional tables are found. Not very cozy. Loud music, usually house or Dutch. 23 APR 99
Our rating: *1/2 out of 5

picture Jazz Alley
Mariaplaats 8

Although the name suggests a smoky bar with 50's jazz music, this is in fact a modern suburb alley (complete with street lights) with hip jazzdance and related styles. At least half of the decoration consists of steel pipes, plates, barrels, and fences. An interesting detail is the condom-selling machines in the ladies' room: pick your favorite taste from strawberry, peppermint, and drop (licorice)--fl 5 for two. Open until 2am during the week, 3am on Friday and Saturday. 23 APR 99
Our rating: ***1/2 out of 5

picture Jerome
Oudegracht 148

The designer must have been very fond of swimming pools. After 6pm you won't find more people than shown here. Actually you won't find any people anymore because they closed down a year or so ago, and reopened under the name Tropen. 24 APR 99
Our rating: ** out of 5

picture old-brown interior eetcafe Joop's
Domplein 8

Another old-brown pub located on the popular terrace in front of the Dom tower. The walls are lined with portraits of frequent visitors, among which you'll find Duke Ellington and Count Basie. Lots of interesting old kitchen furniture--look for the multi-lingual salt cabinet. From the cafe you can keep an eye on the chef while he's cooking your meal. 9 FEB 00
Our rating: ***1/2 out of 5

Vredenburg 39

This cafe used to be called Puccini prior to its takeover by Ries de Winter (who also owns Dikke Dries. Ries named it in honour of the late Joseph, the most frequent visitor of Dikke Dries, who practically lived there and even had his social-security paychecks made out to Ries--or so legend has it. 24 APR 99
No rating yet.

le Journal
Neude 32

A quiet place for breakfast, especially on Sunday mornings and afternoons; often packed in the late afternoon and evening. The interior reminds of a grand cafe and service is often slow. Really big terrace that looks even bigger because of the neighboring tables of De Luifel and 't Neutje. Be careful in what you order: the prices are high and the red wine's not very good. Apparently not contend with some of the customers it was attracting, le Journal now resorts to an (if not illegal, then at last highly questionable) policy of marking unused as `RESERVED', thus allowing the staff to refuse entry to unwanted clientele. Needless to say, we highly disapprove of said policy. 14 FEB 00
Our rating: 1/2 out of 5